Born and raised in Brooklyn, Pierre departed The School of Visual Arts with the pursuit of tattooing since 1997. He has worked with a plethora of renowned artists, including alongside Richie Bulldog, who is the owner and founder of Hustler Butter Deluxe.

Together they helped build some of New York City’s iconic Tattoo Studios such as Sacred Tattoo, Red Rocket (Triple X Tattoo) and Hustlers Parlour in NYC. He is currently managing the Hustle Butter Headquarters located in NYC.

The balance of a humble nature and being consistently immersed in an enriching environment has shaped his growth in ways that allows him to perpetually evolve and develop his style. Ranging from Color Realism, Black and Grey, to Minimalism, his designs lend a level of decadence with the fusion of florals.

See more of his work and travels on IG @lotusonyx